General Manager

Alessandro Frangella

Alessandro is qualified as Chartered Accountant and Legal Auditor, officially registered in Italy.

He is a professional tax advisor with over 34 years of experience and the owner of a chartered accountants’ firm in Italy.

Alessandro is specialized in legal auditing, Tax Court, Vat & directs tax law, methodologies of taxation, international tax planning, due diligence, accruals basis of accounting, commercial contracts, business reorganizations, business strategy, rating and operations control, tax issues connected to financial system.

Alessandro has great experience about the harmonization of international accounting principles system and consolidated financial statements.

From 1998 to 2011, he worked as Consultant of Banca Mediolanum Spa.

He worked on two international strategic projects in New York (USA) and Salvador (Brazil).

Since 2006 he is working, as tax consultant, for the development of business opportunities in the UAE, for various Italian group of companies.

In 2016 Alessandro founded AFC Consulting DMCC, an international tax and corporate consultancy company where he works as General Manager.

Alessandro is Official Tax Advisor of DMCC Authority and he is Agent and/or Partner at the main Free Zone Authorities of the United Arab Emirates, including DMCC, Dubai South, Ifza – Silicon Oasis, Rakez, RAC ICC and others.

Alessandro is President of the International Order of Chartered Accountants of United Arab Emirates, an important network composed exclusively of tax experts specializing in corporate and tax law in the Emirates, who stand out for their professional values and compliance with the Code of Ethics.